Musical Dancing Fountain Manissery



It all began with an ancient unused pond located close to their ancestral home of the Rarathody’s in Manissery. The pond was once used as a source of water for the local needs and agriculture in the vicinity but lost its utility as farmland was soon used to build residential units. This prompted the Rarathody’s to acquire this pond and surroundings – with the technical expertise they possessed and the willingness to give back to the community that once toiled the farmlands – “PUNCHIRI PAADAM (Musical Dancing Fountain) ” came into existence.

Rarathody family have always been strong advocates for agriculturalist in the area and believed in empowering them economically with a strong developmental initiative mainly promoting existing resources and local traditions.

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Children’s Park & Play Area

Merry Go Round, See-saw, Swings Children would love running around and trying out the play things spread all around the complex. They could also be privy to the rustic surroundings like watching ducks and other birds found in the paddy fields in their natural habitat.



Set very close to the famous Varikkassery Mana Manissery, it offers you a pleasant setting for a picnic, an afternoon off or simply for a moment of escape, it also has a natural pond about 203ft x 131ft (Middle of the Paddy fields, surrounded by Coconut trees)having a variety of fish. If you are a fishing enthusiast you could hire fishing rods and fish to your heart’s content (conditions apply please) – catch you might but buy you must.

If one wants to make a field day of their catch – there is a stall where one could get your catch cleaned and cooked to your taste. (Please check if the stall is functioning) conditions apply



Fresh Fish – Fresh Water Fish – No adulteration – No Chemicals – Fish at bargain rates

The traditional pond has a variety of fish kept in an ecofriendly environment. Fishing rods are available for anyone interested to fish. It’s your choice of fish. Book your fishing slot with the Management of PUNCHIRI PAADAM Fisherman’s Bay – There is a stall to prepare your catch and also where the fish is weighed, cleaned, cut and packed for consumption is also in the pipeline and would be announced soon. (Please check with management)



There is an organic vegetable cultivation patch within the PUNCHIRI PAADAM (Musical Dancing Fountain) complex exclusively dedicated to organic farming – fields where Rice is cultivated in the traditional way without the use of insecticides and bananas are nurtured without use of artificial fertilizer.

Organic Vegetables available for purchase (Seasonal) and are displayed at the community area at the entrance



Please report if you have mislaid any articles of value. If found would be returned after proper verification. Mail details to PUNCHIRI [email protected] OR contact Mobile: +91 9995029222, +91 8089904975


Picture-perfect combination of modernity and characteristic Kerala Aristocratic lifestyle
home-stay-01.jpg Vandanam
home-stay-02.jpg Groudn Floor Bedroom
home-stay-03.jpg Bedroom
home-stay-06.jpgVerandah Ground Floor
home-stay-07.jpg Verandah Ground Floor
home-stay-08.jpg Front Entrance Night
home-stay-09.jpg Night View
home-stay-10.jpg Bedroom
home-stay-11.jpg Night Illumination
home-stay-12.jpg First Floor Verandah
home-stay-13.jpg Dining Hall
home-stay-14.jpg Entrance Lobby
home-stay-15.jpg Stairs

Vandanam farm house is situated on the banks of the iconic Bharatappuzha, a stone’s throw away from PUNCHIRI PAADAM, (Musical Dancing Fountain, Manissery, Ottapalam amongst the rustic paddy fields of Velliyad village.

Vandanam farm house is spread over two acres and borders the lush green fields which creates an ambience of oneness with nature with all the rustic elements of freshness prevalent in the air.

The property consists of two traditional Kerala aristocratic dwellings (Tharavadu) units which were built somewhere in the late 1940’s. These structures within the complex are built in the typical Kerala style, with tiles used for roofing and wood as ceilings, invariably adapting to the Kerala climate which is often in the extremes.

Situated on the banks of the river and amidst the open paddy fields the property feels like it is perpetually air conditioned with the continuous breeze flowing from the river and the open fields. Vandanam Farm house is a perfect retreat for weary travelers or just about for anyone who needs a break from the hustle bustle of urban life.

Height of summer one could even have a stroll / or kids play on the bed of the river which is just about 300meters from the Vandanam farm house or have a leisurely bath in the shallow parts of the river.


Renovated with all modern amenities
  • One bed/bath attached ground floor
  • With Queen Size beds
  • Dressing Table & two bedrooms one attached in the first floor
  • All bed-rooms are air-conditioned
  • Bedrooms furnished with wardrobes
  • Fully operational Kitchen (in case one prefers homemade food) – Gas stove, Adequate cutlery and crockery
  • All modern house-hold appliances – refrigerator, Mixer grinder, washing machine etc.
  • Can accommodate 6 to 8 adults and 5 children without hassle
  • If required the Vadanam Kitchen can lay out a sumptuous Kerala Breakfast / Lunch spread (Menu /Kitchen Operations/Food bill payments to be arranged in advance or while booking) Please check with management
  • Set amidst rustic tranquility, the management of Vandanam strives to avail to its many patrons the ‘Vandanam Experience’ – the oneness with unblemished rural Kerala and the life on the banks of the iconic river with its impeccable standards of hospitality

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