Musical fountain Manissery

Musical fountain

Come be a part of this enchanted slice of rustic beauty – plenty to do at this nostalgic family park - watch the fish in its natural surroundings and hear the birds chirp. And as the dusk gathers in the dark, comfortably perch yourself and family at the stands to enjoy the spectacular show at the musical fountain. Look forward to a pleasant relaxing blissful day and unwind watching the musical fountain display.

The Pinnacle of leisure:

Punchiri Paadam is a leisure park entirely conceived to give the modern man a break to relax breath the fresh air and indulge the eyes to the spectacular musical fountain show from the everyday strenuous lifestyle. Philosophy of Punchiri Paadam is very much inscribed in its formation attributed to the old Indian healthy rustic way of life – hence providing a slice of Eden for the city dweller to breathe the fresh air and frolic in the setting sun catching the musical fountain in its entire splendor as dusk gathers in the darkness.

Punchiri Paadam beckons all. If you are looking forward to taking your family for peaceful day out or passing through you could always take a detour at Manissery Junction to Punchiri Paadam. - Much to offer and memories to cherish. - the cradle of nature, overlooking scenic paddy field and the lush green organic vegetable patch complete with a naturally formed massive pond and the whiff of rustic fish cooking.

The musical fountain is pure enchantment, a spectacular show of precision driven and choreographed mix of water spurting features, light and popular music. It is perhaps the most complex musical fountain show ever conceived in these parts. These aquatic shows are recomposed to the latest film songs periodically and remain a source of wonder & excitement.



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The best route to reach Punchiri Paadam?

Please refer the Google map – key in Punchiri Paadam, Manissery Musical Fountain.Ottapalam That would be your route. Getting to Punchiri Paadam is quite simple… One can get to Ottapalam and take the Thrissur route through Manissery and at Manissery Junction take a left – from the junction it is just about 5 kms to Punchiri Paadam. The local people are very cordial and helpful you could always ask them – while coming from Thrissur en route to Ottapalam you need to turn right at Manissery Junction. Closest Railway station: Ottapalam and Shornur

Admission Criteria TIMEINGS: Adults and children above 5 Children Below 5
11 AM TO 5PM ₹2O ₹10
SHOW TIMES 5PM + ₹5O ₹20

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